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Understanding That Education Does Not Replace Hustle

The Basis of Logistics continues…

Family, Education can not and will never replace hustle.

They compliment each other quite well but one will never replace the other. Nor will outweigh the other.


I was approached with a conversation that my lady had with one of her clients. More so over heard. While training one of her clients, her client, ran into one of her sorority sisters (both are Caucasian) which means little in the plot of this article. But, her client’s soro is a doctor, as in graduated from college with accreditation of being a doctor. Not just claiming to be one, or using it for a promotional purpose. A education based doctor. She currently is going back to school to get another degree that she can use;in that the degree path she has she can’t find sustainable work. She was advitt and adamant about being pissed about a course she is taking now, and she failed a class. She argued that it’s no way that she should be failed in a course based on her having a doctorate degree and her professor only having an associates.

This appalls me.

I was astonished on so many levels to hear that this conversation even took place. First in the event that someone of this education background would have something as idiotic as that to say. As well as why is she back in college after achieving a doctorates. Lastly, why and how did she not learn the art of hustle in life as well as in college.

It’s scary.

In the most simplistic of regards, how does a person of so many years of education come to this conclusion? How does your brain even let your mouth utter these words? You shouldn’t fail a course just based on your degree title and their’s? So, you are going tell me that your Doctorate’s makes you superior over society? For example, if you have a Doctorates degree in Psychology and you are taking a class based on Chemistry. You think that your advanced placement has any correlation into the realm of Chemistry? No, it doesn’t. You are superior over the aspects of Psychology, and understanding concepts of the mind; nothing to do with Chemistry. An, even with your superiority of education in that aspect of education, you are not DONE learning anything in that aspect. You can and will learn from other Doctors, Staff, Family members on the day to day basis if you can get past your mindset. Even in in this aspect, do you think everybody around you that you obtain service from has a doctorates degree that gives you proper accommodation? The bank teller, who checks out your groceries, who gives you your food at a drive thru? All of these people have to have the authority and education of a doctor to accommodate you?


Even in the regards of my lady and myself. She has been working as a Personal Trainer for six years. As well as I have for 3. Neither of us have our degrees in the field of Sports Medicine, Kinesiology, or Exercise Science, only our certifications. Now, I have college credits that are going towards that degree path but means nothing until I obtain a degree. But even in not having a degree I work(ed) with a Doctor of that degree path that could not do what I could do with clientele in the physical what he could in theory. And he used to ask me for advice and what my thoughts were about what he was doing on a weekly basis.

Knowing this, leads me to understand that THIS is the basis in-which she is BACK in college now, earning another degree to add to her resumè. She thinks that education is enough to suffice life; not applying. You can have all of the degrees in the world but it means nothing if you can not apply your education in your career to obtain stability or elevate yourself in your profession. When it is all said and done a degree just gives you accreditation in a field to show that you have been prepared in aptitude ENOUGH to be able to service in this field. Nothing more,nothing less. It doesn’t give you a right of passage to disdain anyone else’s place in society or gives you the stamp of genius. As apparent, with this lady, having a doctorate’s degree does not mean that your are intellectually superior nor shows that you have common sense.

This leads me into my last point, she lacks common sense and the knack of hustle, to live in society. Look by no means am I downing a Doctor, being that I have 3/4s of my credits to obtain my associates degree. But, lets make sense of this. You have a doctorate’s degree, but you are BACK in college to take up another trade?


In all doctoral programs, you have to write a thesis paper that is the basis for a book. EVERY doctoral plan. As well as, with your doctorate’s degree you have the opportunity AT ALL TIMES, to TEACH as a professor or any rank of your degree. From university down to the ranks of elementary. (with a certification and state board testing that you have to take anyway in receiving your Doctorate’s) This just show me more than anything this woman lacks the spirit of a hustler. She is resting on her laurels in the event she thinks education is going to define her not her implication of it. As stated earlier, you have a thesis that you have to write while obtaining your doctorates, why not finish that thesis to always have something to fall back on? To become a published author is always an avenue to approach and use later. Book tours, signings, possible working for another major distributor in news or a magazine, are all platforms you could use career paths. As well as the always open avenue of teaching. As seen with our current economy, it’s a bit tighter on budget for someone to work in the intermediate school systems. But, as far as college and university pay, especially in a more exclusive degree field,you will get top pay to teach in those departments.

The main reason this appalls me is, one of my guys that I look up to in regards of understanding the correlations between life and how we interact with each other. Made a simple comment a few weeks back, “Why didn’t anybody teach me that I am a small business when I was a child . Smh! I figured it out though.” And when this situation was brought up to me it made me realize their are A LOT of people that don’t understand that their is a hustle to everything. That the hustle is what keeps you ahead of the curve;is actually what keeps you relevant and away from doing the norm. It makes you “make it”.

As he put it, it seems something so simplistic that you think through, common sense and education of knowledge from books and life education. You would learn how to utilize these skills but its not second nature as it seems to be with us. If one avenue closes, we find a loop hole or a way to get back to that goal we are trying to achieve. Or we completely restructure a plan to accommodate a greater plan by taking a minor two steps back to take ten forward later. It’s always chess while everybody else is playing checkers. In his case, he has a Master’s in English, an all the time fall back. He can use this to pursue multiple avenues to achieve what he wants to at all times. Educator, tutor, author are just a few of the minor or major, depending on how you look at it, avenues he can take. As well as my older brother, he has a degree in Communications, he can also use this for multiple career fields. Broadcasting, author, educator, etc. They knew how to manipulate the system to make strides regardless of what obstacle was put in front of them. Hence, letting their education work for them, not letting it be them. As I stated earlier, when it is all said and done a degree just gives you accreditation in a field to show that you have been prepared in aptitude ENOUGH to be able to service in this field. They have mastered that art form. As my Father has, ran 3 different businesses all with no degree in Business. All from experience through life and the hustle. A degree can not correlate with its theories in the relatively of life. Hands on action is the best form of education. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that education is useless. Far from it. Not understanding HOW to imply it to life and your career is pointless though. Just as I have had better grades and was actively on the Dean’s List the entire time I was in college. But my two older brother’s graduated, what do my grades mean if I don’t get that accreditation at the end of it?

Respect the hustle, craft it, embrace it, and perfect your life with it.

Chill Lightly,


Personal Trainer Joseph Herman, II is an independent trainer working out of the Greater Houston Area. He specializes in athletic performance, youth athletics, and personal training for all backgrounds.In addition to training, Joseph currently writes on this blog, is working to build a full fledged website, and start a personal training and athletic complex to display his talents. Joseph can be reached at
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